Thursday, September 4, 2008

Packing Your Artwork

Your artwork is precious, whether it is your own personal work or was passed onto you. Artwork and framed photographs are extremely fragile, so here are some great tips for packing.
  • Pack all artwork in a box larger than the piece. This way you can properly protect the frame of the piece. You can find "art" boxes at your local packing store or moving company.
  • Carefully wrap your artwork like a present in bubble wrap. Use packing tape to tape down the edges
  • Tape one side of the down and keep the other side open.
  • Carefully slide the artwork into the box
  • Seal any excess space with bubble wrap
  • Mark "Fragile" in clearly many places on the box
  • Keep box on horizontal on moving truck. Keeping the box vertical makes it more susceptible to damage, due to the fragility of the frame.
  • Try to keep the fragile box surrounded by other boxes on the moving truck, so that it is packed in tightly

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