Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Packing Your Computer

There is only one way to be completely safe when moving your computer is to get your computer insured. There are many options in terms of insurance, Mac and PC alike. Also you should always back up all your files to multiple sources. You can use a flash drive, a portable disc drive or even a DVD to back up your files.
  • Once you back up your files to either a flash drive (which tend to be extremely small) or any other disc, make sure you know where your information is. Use extreme care with your back up drive, and put them in a locked box where they are wrapped and protected.
  • First see if you can locate the box that orginally came with your computer. If you have disposed of that box you can contact a speciality moving store to see if they have computer boxes. There should be separate monitor boxes for your desktop computer.
  • After you locate your speciality box store, measure your computer and monitor to let them know the dimension of your computer. Once they let you know about the boxes, ask if they also sell styofoam inserts that would fit inside the box.
  • Once you have retrieved the boxes, take all discs out of the disc drive of your computer.
  • Turn off the power off both monitor and computer
  • Label all cords for your computer so it is easy to put it back together. Take a piece of masking tape, wrap around cord. Leave enough space on the tape to label the cord.
  • Once cords are labeled, disconnect all cords. Wrap tightly and pack into a ziploc bag.
  • Put your computer and moniter in theior respective boxes. Label fragile in large letters, and write the contents on the box several times.

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