Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Packing Your Kitchenware

Here are some tips for packing your pots and pans. Sometimes these boxes are the first to be unpacked, so make sure everything is clearly marked!
  • Wrap all breakable items (everything with the exception of your tupperware)
  • Separate all items, keep all cups together, plates together, separate china from cutlery, etc. You will be thankful that you did this when you are unpacking.
  • Take sheets of newsprint to cover each piece of kitchenware. I use recycled newspaper (better for the environment and more cost effective) However, if you are concerned about the ink on your dishware, you can purchase ink-free newsprint which is just as effective. Crumple the newsprint to fit each piece of kitchenware
  • Cover delicate pieces with bubblewrap over the newsprint.
  • For extremely delicate items, wrap with newsprint first, then follow with bubblewrap. If it very delicate, purchase cell packs to separate each covered piece from one another.
  • Use cell packs to separate layers of dishes.
  • Pack boxes putting the heaviest items on the bottom, lightest on top
  • Seal with extra cell packs
  • Use packing tape to seal box


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