Monday, September 22, 2008

Packing Your Plants

Plants are living things and need special care when you are moving. If you are moving a long distance please consider that plants need air, comfortable temperatures and water. Most moving insurance does not cover damage or loss of your plants for this reason. Also some moving companies may not move your plants for any distance over 150 miles. Confirm with your moving company about their policy before you move. You can take your plants in your car with you, and follow these tips!

  • You cant move your plants in their ceramic pots. They are breakable and filled with dirt, and there is bound to be a mishap in the moving process
  • Transport all your plants into plastic containers that fit the size of the plants. You can find these at your local hardware store
  • It is best to plant them in the plastic two or three weeks in advance
  • Use new soil to pack plants into plastic containers. This eliminates the possibility of moving any insects with you.
  • Two or three days before your move, prune your plants. The only only plants exempt from pruning are succulents and ferns.
  • Water plants as normally scheduled.
  • Pack plants in boxes according to size. Wardrobe boxes are great for taller plants.Make sure that plants are packed tightly together, so that the pot bottoms support each other, and don't move around.
  • Put plastic drop cloth at the bottom of the box if the plants have just been watered.
  • If you are moving in the summer , wrap damp newspaper around the plants to keep them cool while you are in transit.
  • If you are moving in the summer, make sure to park in the shade. In winter, park in the sun to give plants more light while you are moving.
  • Punch holes in boxes so the plants can breathe. Mark " Live Plants" on the box
  • Water plants as soon as you arrive at your new home
  • Put plants in direct sunlight

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