Thursday, August 28, 2008

Packing Your Clothes

Ive been packing for an upcoming move and I wanted to blog about Packing Clothes. While clothes usually seem like the easiest thing to pack when you are moving homes, I have helpful tip for all you movers out there.
I have a lot of coats so I had a dilemma last night looking at my collection of jackets. I am on a budget and got all my boxes from a local supermaket and a liquor store. So no expensive "Wardrobe Box" for me. Instead, I kept all my coats on their hangers and got to thinking. I had an idea to take 5-8 coats, take a twist-tie and twist around the top of the hangers to keep all the coats together. Then I took a black garbage bag (any color will do!) and poked a hole through the top using the hangers themselves. I doubled bagged with another garbage bagged and used some packing tape to create a completely covered package (with hangers!) A great cheap alternative to cut on the cost of moving.

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