Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving your Car

If you are moving a long distance (nationally), such as from New York to San Diego, you will probably have to move your car(s). There are several companies that specialize in moving automobiles, and there are several things you should remember when using them:

  • Request Door to Door delivery. This will mean your moving company will pick up your car at your old home and drop it off at your new one, thus saving you the troubling of going to drop it off or pick it up.
  • Remove all your belongings from your car.
  • Let the automobile moving company know a few weeks in advance that you are planning on using their service. Doing so on short notice may not be possible, and if it is, may be more expensive.
  • Find out your car's travel and delivery time.
  • Find out if your car insurance covers automobile moving. Most do, but some don't. The company moving your car may offer insurance on their own, but it can be very expensive.
For International Movers:
  • Some countries (England, Australia, Japan, Ireland) have their cars drive on the opposite side of the road. Cars that have their steering wheels on the left side cannot be driven in these countries, so you will have to get a new car. A good idea is to sell your previous car and use that money to purchase your new automobile.
  • If your employer is not paying for your cars transportation, it may be a good idea just to sell your car and purchase a new one. Many countries have very high automobile tariffs and it may not be worth it to spend the money. Also, gas prices can be significantly higher in certain countries (European countries especially) so buying a more fuel effecient car may be a better monetary plan.

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