Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving With Kids - International

If you think moving to a new country is hard, just think how hard it is on your children. They are leaving one of the only places they've known, and will be separated from all their friends and their comfort zone. Some may even need to learn a new language! Heres a helpful set of tips to help your kids with their international move:

  • If your visiting your new home and country before you move there (which is recommended) , bring your child(ren) with you. They should be as much a part of your decision as you are and this will give them a chance to get to adjust to their new surroundings and help calm them down about the move.
  • Answer all their questions.Tell your kids why your moving, how long you will be moving for, and ways they can deal with the stress of the move and their new home.
  • Help you child keep in touch with his/her friends (yours as well). Get address books for them and explain the moving situation to their teachers.
  • Find and research a new school. Depending on why your moving and your situation, you may want to enroll your child in a private international school or in the public school system. Private schools are especially helpful for children who speak a different language than your new home country does.

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